SOlidarity ACTIONS

Why solidarity actions and not only training?

Because visual health problems also affect people in emergency situations, which do not allow for the implementation of long-term training programmes and require immediate attention.


We carry out regular eye examinations and provide glasses to people at risk of social exclusion.


We collaborate with the Catalan Commission for Refugee Aid (CCAR-CEAR) and with the association Action in Solidarity with the Sahara, whose volunteer families take in children from the Sahrawi refugee camps in Tindouf to spend the summer in Spain. We also intervene in orphanages, nursing homes and homeless organisations, offering regular check-ups and eye health care.

In countries where we cooperate

We take advantage of our educational trips to help with vision screenings in orphanages and public schools in the most disadvantaged areas.

In refugee camps

To bring our help to the refugees, we travelled twice to the camps of PETRA (Oct.2016) and to the camps of SINATEX, KILKIS, POLYKASTRO and ELPIDA (March 2017).

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