• To be a pillar in ophthalmological and optometric education in developing countrieswith the objective that they get to educate themselves autonomously, with the involvement of their governments, universities and visual health professionals. 
  • To contribute and enhance their understanding and techniques so they can correctly assist a greater number of people, training them in their own environment by adapting to their necessities and using their own resources, despite them being more archaic than those we use in Western countries. 
  • To transform health and social care in the most disadvantaged and least developed region of the planet, Sub-Saharan Africa, where visual deficiencies determine the future of millions of people without resources.


  • IMPLICATION: With effort and empathy, we transmit professionalism to the present and future visual health professionals.
  • PERSEVERANCE: With compromise and determination, we continually strive to improve and achieve our objectives.
  • EQUALITY: Standardising the optometric and ophthalmological knowledge between North and South, bearing in mind gender equality.
  • HONESTY: We work in a transversal way, we communicate clearly, and we act decently.
  • EDUCATION: We share European medical knowledge in a practical way, considering the reality and the means available of each country. We guide and teach African doctors with the objective of educating educators, improving at once the quality of visual health assistance of their population, especially of children.

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